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Giuseppe Cristini S.p.A.

Reliable Innovation™


Via Bombardieri 5, 24020 Fiorano al Serio, Italien




+39 035 715111


+39 035 712412

  • G. Cristini ( VP Technology )
  • R. Nüssle
  • K.-U. Berg
  • L. Canali

Cristini S.p.A. celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. 100% family owned, the Company distributes Paper Machine Clothing and Diagnostic Systems to more than 1000 customers, in 50 Countries worldwide.

Our Research & Development has engineered innovative products, which have become important in the evolution of the Pulp & Paper Industry.

Some of the technologies widely used nowadays, like the first seamed press fabric (US Pat no.569040, 1956) or the first microwave consistency meter (2005), have been introduced to the market for the first time by our Company.
The Company strongly believe in the constant innovation, coming by technology cooperation with universities, research centres of excellence, papermakers and paper machine builders.
Developing engineered fabrics and diagnostic systems targeted to reduce energy consumption, we want to become the Leader in this field, contributing to reach the global targets in energy savings, economic sustainability and reduction of the GHG (Green House Effect Gases) emissions of our Customers.

With production units throughout Europe and North America, the Cristini Group is a reliable partner for all Pulp & Paper Companies.

1914-2014: Celebrating 100 Years of Innovation