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emtec Electronic GmbH

Paper Testing Technology


Gorkistraße 31, 04347 Leipzig, Germany




+49 (0) 341 245 709-0


+49 (0) 341 245 709-9

  • S. Rübesam ( Marketing & Sales Area Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland )
  • G. Grüner ( General Manager )

The company emtec Electronic GmbH develops, produces and distributes worldwide testing equipment for the paper industry. We would like to present especially three fundamental measuring devices for the wet-end area in the paper production: the CAS – Charge Analyzing System determines the particle charge of fiber suspensions and the FPA – Fiber Potential Analyzer is used for measuring the Zeta Potential of fibers in the suspension. Furthermore, the new FPO – Fiber Zeta Potential Analyzer Online will be introduced, which measures the Zeta Potential of fibers directly in the production process and because of this, an immediate intervention and counteract will be possible.

Additionally, another innovation will be presented, the ACA – Ash Content Analyzer. This device serves for an easy, precise and very fast determination of the total mineral filler content as well as the percentage content of the typical fillers in the paper industry.