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emco GmbH

Knowing paper better!


Mommsenstrasse 2 · 04329 Leipzig · Germany




+49 341 27146-0


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  • R. Beltz

Knowing paper better

emco GmbH develops equipment of measurement and testing technology for paper. It is as a family establishment a global innovation leader of process-relevant paper testing since more than 20 years.
In doing so emco GmbH achieves the know-how to reduce the costs with determining the relation between measuring result - paper characteristic - optimal processing.

At 25th IMPS emco GmbH is presenting:

  1. Complete paper testing - combination of conventional and process relevant paper testing. Identification of process relevant paper properties for all applications

    • Service: order measurements with innovative technologies
    • Consulting and help for problem analysis
    • Problem solving and complain consulting
    • Advanced training and application schooling
  2. Analysis of marks in profiles for felt, sieve and dandy roll optimization of fabrics, the determination of local contamination and the degree of wear as well as for optimizing the water flow in the press section.

  3. Closed-loop system for the determination of the water content of waste paper in bales, stacks and loose fills.