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Dr. Schenk GmbH



Einsteinstr. 37 · 82152 Planegg · Germany







  • P. Mathias Heinze
  • C. Reidler

Dr. Schenk GmbH, established in 1985, develops, produces and markets optical inspection and measurement solutions for automated quality assurance and production process monitoring. The systems are a key success factor in the making and converting of many materials, e.g. plastics, nonwovens , technical textiles, paper, metal, or glass, for a multitude of markets like display glass, automotive, packaging, medical, renewable energy, and many more.

Dr. Schenk solutions can detect local defects as well as large area material properties simultaneously. Developments such as MIDA (Multiple Image Defect Analysis), ABI (Adaptive Backlight Illumination), Virtual X-Ray and SLT (Sirius Light Technology)made for the inspection of e.g. nonwovens, technical textiles and plastic films have opened up completely new opportunities for inspection of paper. These developments, proven hundredfold at customer sites around the world, focus mainly on ultra-fast cameras, perfectly matching and extremely powerful illumination units and their synchronized interaction. Paper manufacturers can connect the inspection data to a WMS (web monitoring system) to continuously monitor the quality of their product. If and when fluctuations occur they can immediately take corrective measures and thus save on expensive converting steps for paper that does not satisfy their quality parameters. In this way the systems do not only assist in monitoring product quality but also in optimizing production, saving time and lowering expenses.