Institute for Paper Technology

The Institute for Paper Technology popup: yes (abbreviation based on the German name: IVP) was founded in 1988 and supports the study courses in the subject of Paper Technology and Packaging popup: yes at the Munich University of Applied Sciences popup: yes. Its support covers organisational and financial aspects of teaching and research. The institute itself is financed by donations, special-purpose revenue and a commercial business side. The IVP organises and finances a preparatory course in Mathematics for prospective students and multiple research projects for current students. Furthermore, the IVP optimises the pilot paper machine and makes it available for teaching in concert with other paper faculties. The IVP carries the organisation and partial financing of the two Master's degree courses in Paper Technology at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, as well as the procurance of affordable residences for its students in Munich. The IVP offers a laboratory and 7 work areas for students and employees of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, and its own employees.