Cultural Event

They set off a world musical firework display with every conceivable nuance of sound on a special hammered dulcimer, saxophon, flute, clarinet, guitar and double bass. Rudi Zapf, Gerhard Wagner, Andreas Seifinger and Steffen Müller serve up one tasty musical bite after the other. They whirl a thousand different tones through the air with casual ease, weaving Alpine melodies with spirited Latin rhythms or Balkan beats, waltz rhythms with shimmering Flamenco arabesques or klezmer sounds with swinging daring jazz improvisations. The result is world music of their own making, at times up tempo and virtuoso, at others casual but always tasteful, surprising and highly musical – with plenty of surprises in store. The four dedicated musicians dust down old melodies and give them a new lease of life, wrap them up in a coat of colourful harmonies and drown them in pulsating rhythms from Africa, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Mexico or Cuba.



Rudi Zapf - pedal dulcimer & vibrandoneon
Gerhard Wagner - saxophone, clarinet, flute
Andreas Seifinger - guitar
Steffen Müller - double bass


  • Garching cabaret mask
  • The Green Wanninger
  • Bavarian Poet Laureate
  • German World Music Award RUTH (main prize)