Cultural Event

This year's cultural event is the Circus Krone in Munich. Below you will find a short history of the famous Circus Krone as well as a short description of the season's programme.

The History of the Circus Krone

In 1905, amidst the bustling heart of Munich, a dream unfolded. Gebrüder Krone, two enterprising brothers, envisioned a permanent circus structure – a haven for wonder and artistry. Thus, Circus Krone was born, not as a nomadic tent but a majestic brick-and-mortar palace fit for royalty…and audiences alike.

From the outset, Krone wasn't just a circus; it was an experience. Grand chandeliers bathed the audience in a warm glow, plush red seats awaited eager eyes, and the aroma of popcorn mingled with anticipation. The inaugural performance? A dazzling spectacle featuring elephant ballets, daring aerialists, and rib-tickling clowns. Munich was spellbound.

Over the decades, Krone became synonymous with excellence. Renowned animal trainers like Carl Krone captivated crowds with their lions and tigers, while acrobats defied gravity with their death-defying feats. Charlie Rivel, the world's most famous clown, made the rafters shake with laughter, his infectious energy echoing through the generations.

But Krone wasn't just about entertainment. It became a cultural ambassador, fostering international collaborations and showcasing diverse talents. The legendary "Stars in der Manege" TV show, where celebrities swapped their usual red carpets for the circus ring, further cemented its place in pop culture history.

Facing challenges, Krone persevered. World wars threatened its existence, but the circus spirit proved resilient. Modern times brought ethical debates, and Krone responded by prioritising animal welfare, focusing on innovative training methods and enriching environments.

Today, the legacy lives on. The majestic Kronebau, adorned with a life-size statue of Charlie Rivel, continues to enthral audiences. The 2023/24 winter season, themed "Farbenspiel," — a German word for "Play of Colours" —promises a mesmerising blend of tradition and innovation, with dazzling LED displays, world-class acts, and of course, plenty of laughter.

So, step into the magical world of Circus Krone. Witness the legacy unfold, feel the tingle of anticipation, and let the wonder wash over you. For under the big top, not just memories are made, but a timeless connection to the captivating world of circus magic is forged.

Source: Google Gemini

The Programme: Play of Colours

From 25 December 2023 to 7 April 2024, circus air will once again be blowing through Munich's Circus Kronebau. The traditional premiere is on Christmas Day with two performances at 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm. A completely new circus show with world-class attractions will be presented until the beginning of April. True to the motto "play of colours", you will experience artistic highlights and circus highlights with the largest LED show in Europe. Celebrated world stars and award-winning newcomers, many magnificent animals and hilarious entertainers welcome you LIVE in the circus ring. However, the animals - the true "stars of the ring" - take centre stage with funny sea lions and dogs, magnificent horses and majestic cats of prey. You can look forward to lots of laughter, amazement and pure thrills.

In short - Krone also offers great circus in this programme. A successful mixture of traditional and modern circus art, true to the Krone motto "Your favour - our ambition". Live entertainment for the whole family.

More Details

18:30: Bus departure from the conference hotel
19:30: Start of the Circus Show
Event duration approx. 2.5 hours incl. break.

Location of the Event

CIRCUS KRONE Building Munich
Marsstrasse 43
80335 München

Tel. 089 – 54 58 000

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