About Clariant

Clariant is a focused, sustainable, and innovative specialty chemical company based in Muttenz, near Basel/Switzerland. On 31 December 2022, Clariant totaled a staff number of 11 148 and recorded sales of CHF 5.198 billion in the fiscal year for its continuing businesses. As of January 2023, the Group conducts its business through the three newly formed Business Units Care Chemicals, Catalysts, and Adsorbents & Additives and will report accordingly. Clariant’s corporate strategy is led by the overarching purpose of ‘Greater chemistry – between people and planet,’ and reflects the importance of connecting customer focus, innovation, sustainability, and people.

Clariant's Paper Additives

High-speed state-of-the-art papermaking requires reliable and efficient additives. Clariant’s Paper Bentonite Additives provide the solution for different purposes within the pulp and paper industry: inorganic microparticle components to improve retention & drainage and modified bentonites to adsorb and passivate detrimental substances (stickies, pitch, MOH, etc.). Clariant’s vast knowledge, established products, and commitment to research & development provide an innovative, experienced, and reliable partner.