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Rotating Joints and Siphon Systems for the paper industry

Rotating Unions and Siphon Systems for the paper industry

DEUBLIN, the proven leader in the field of Rotating Unions for steam and Siphon Systems, not only provides the products but also often remains a direct contact onsite to provide services for steam systems and dryer section optimization.

When working with interdependent machine components, it is not always enough to concentrate on the Rotating Union and Siphon System alone; it involves a lot of thinking "outside the box" as well: The dryer section as a whole consumes the greatest amount of steam energy in a paper machine. In most cases, it accounts for 55 percent of the total energy costs of the machine. Accordingly, the dryer section has the greatest influence on the economy of the entire process. An optimized Steam & Condensate System, starting with the Rotating Union and Siphon, increases production capacity and improves the machine's efficiency, leading to lower costs and higher profits.

Most old paper machines, and in fact many new ones as well, feature steam systems that can be optimized to eliminate steam loss and improve sheet quality.

Primarily, this involves tasks such as:

  • Eliminating dryer flooding

  • Reducing high differential pressure

  • Eliminating steam losses

  • Reducing of paper breaks

  • Maximizing siphon operating safety

  • Maximizing the service life of seals

  • Reducing high-pressure steam consumption

  • Improving the moisture profile

Deublin products and associated engineering already help to solve many of these tasks. Yet, collaboration in a team of experienced partners can furthermore "pump new life" into your paper production machine – from the head box to the reel. Talk to us!