fipptec offers solutions and products to make paper production more efficient, more competitive and of better quality. Our partners at the IMPS are:

Runtech Systems

  • Press section optimisation: double doctor systems, optimised water removal and return water measurement
  • Ecopump Turbo vacuum blowers: small, flexible, powerful - for high energy savings in vacuum generation
  • Runnability optimisation through tension reduction, web stabilisers and system cleaning systems
  • Energy optimisation and increased production through improved pocket ventilation and heat recovery
  • ropeless threading and transfer systems


  • New paper machines and main components
  • Headboxes, formers, inclined wires, shoe presses, SC sizers, calenders
  • Expertise in specialty papers and nonwovens


  • Hard coatings for drying cylinders, guide rolls, Poperoller and RSM
  • Cylinder grinding and coating in the PM
  • Roller workshop and coating in Germany


  • Spreader rolls - new delivery and service
  • SmartBow monitorte spreader roller
  • New fipptec partner since 2023


  • Water treatment plants and wastewater treatment
  • Circulating water and deflocculation systems
  • Deionised water and condensate treatment


  • traversing systems for cleaning rollers and clothing
  • couch cutters
  • Tip cutters and turn-up

Special solutions

  • AME - Moisture measurement by microwave
  • Aurelia - online measuring system for paper strength in PM
  • CMT - Specialists for vibration analyses incl. modelling and expert reports
  • KCL - Model factory with pilot plants for biomaterials, pilot coating machine and printing plant

Together with our experts, we look for the most efficient and economical solution for optimising and continuously improving production for our customers. Our structure as a medium-sized specialised company and good references stand for the promise to deliver solutions with an optimal price-performance ratio.