wolf heilmann produkte für die papiererzeugung

wolf heilmann produkte für die papiererzeugung is your partner for innovative products and services for successful paper production.
We represent in Germany and Central Europe among others:

  • Compact Engineering:
    Energy-saving high-performance infrared dryers for drying, preheating as well as moisture profile control.

  • Oguma Iron Works:
    from rejects to valuable fuel in one step

  • NCR Biochemical:
    High-performance deaerators, efficient cleaning agents for clothing as well as innovative, moisture-insensitive soft coating for tissue (this year with its own stand)

  • Steiner:
    Direct dyes for office and packaging papers and tissue

  • Sandar Industries:
    Reel spool change belts and systems

We support paper mills in the treatment of recycled water and de-gluing of stickies.
In addition, we support paper mills inside and outside Germany in optimising their production and quality as well as developing new grades. We also support suppliers in market access in Asia, South America and Europe.