Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS)

The Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) is the leading research and service company for the German paper industry. We generate knowledge through research, advise the paper producing and converting industry worldwide and cooperate with our industrial partners in contract research projects. Furthermore, we offer a range of material testing and analytic services and industry-specific training events completes the PTS service portfolio.

Core competences:

  • Fibers & Composites: Development of specialty papers and composites, semi-finished products and bio-composites and opening up new markets.

  • Functional Surfaces: Developing coated barriers, packaging with new functions and non-contact manufacturing processes.

  • Smart & Circular Solutions: sensor and measurement solutions for effective and efficient process management and product quality assurance, especially in recovered paper management, IoT and Digitalisation

  • Materials Testing & Analytics: Paper, board and cardboard, chemical composition, physical and chemical properties, surface analytics and optics, printing and converting, food law, microbiology, authenticity testing.

The PTS offers customized in-house training courses on all aspects of papermaking, recyclability and paper processing. With the pilot plants, knowledge of fiber preparation and papermaking process technologies is made available and developed for customers and their needs.

PTS Academy

In addition, we offer subject-specific knowledge enhancement and intensive networking at topic-related seminars, workshops, conferences or symposia within the framework of the PTS Academy.
The PTS pilot plants enable practical development of products and processes. Here, not only traditional paper products can be optimized, but also novel fiber composites for lightweight applications can be developed on the paper machine at the pilot plant. Examples include the use of synthetic fibers such as carbon, glass and basalt fibers, the combination of different structural fibers, and the testing of woven fabrics, fiber scrims and fiber mats for semi-finished products.