VTA Austria GmbH

Since more than 30 years, the VTA group is known as the pioneer in wastewater technology in over 65 countries. Our core competency is the optimization of wastewater treatment plants – always driven by highest aspirations in terms of efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Solid expertise, innovation and flexibility combined with full-service support, biological analytics and documentation – that‘s what VTA stands for!

VTA Nanofloc® - the high-tech product with nanoparticles

VTA Nanofloc® – the high-tech product from VTA - by use of tiny nanoparticles, ensures rapid flocculation, sedimentation and stable plant operation. VTA Nanofloc® lays the ideal foundation for all subsequent process steps.

Advantages of VTA Nanofloc® are reduced energy costs, reduction in chemical costs, eliminates pollution, improves floc structure, increased effluent clarity and enhances oxygen transfer.

VTA Biosolit® - The universal tool in the treatment of waste water

VTA Biosolit® causes the formation of compact flocs, thanks to an organic, entirely biocompatible charge carrier based on naturally regenerating substances. It greatly improves the sludge volume index and speeds up sedimentation.

VTA mudinator® - Ultrasonic treatment for improved dewatering

The VTA mudinator® technology comes into play before polymer adding in the dewatering process. Hereby the dry substance can be raised up to 5% after dewatering, whereas the back charge for the plant becomes lowered. There is no desintegration of the flocs appearing. The
VTA mudinator® can retrench the polymer consumption for up to 30% and in return the cost of operation will decrease. All this points result in stable flocs, a clear & clean centrate and increased dewatering capacity at customer site. This technology ensures economisation during operation but also in the subsequent treatment of the sludge. Due to the higher degree of dewatering, the sludge volume becomes lower and drops weight. Transport costs as well as costs for the disposal of the sludge can be reduced by the VTA mudinator® technology.