Conversion of the circulation water purification system and commissioning of a drum filter system

Landqart AG has been producing banknotes and high-security paper for the speciality paper sector since 1978. The company is a supplier to more than 50 countries worldwide. Paper production is followed by further finishing steps on various systems.
The presentation will describe the current situation and challenges with micro flotation. The reasons for the conversion of the recirculating water treatment system will be explained. The focus is on the problems that arose during the conversion and commissioning. K. Klassen goes into more detail on the technical part and the functioning of the ALGAS AMF45.

The objectives of the rebuild are primarily:

  • Increase fibre / filler and M-feature recovery.
  • Reduction of rejects due to less contamination and slime.
  • Significant reduction in the surface area available for microorganism activity and biofilm formation by reducing the total volume in the constant part.
  • Cost reduction for biocides.
  • Improvement in paper machine efficiency and increased availability of the system.

Commissioning of the drum filter system is scheduled to start at the beginning of January 2024.