Neenah Gessner

Weidacher Str. 30
83620 Feldkirchen-Westerham

Paper production under the name Gessner can look back on a long history: As early as 1845, the first filter paper mill in Germany bears this name. In 1955, filter media for the automotive industry are produced for the first time at the Bruckmühl paper mill. A few years later, further paper machines are built for this purpose in neighbouring Feldkirchen-Westerham, which are soon supplemented by impregnation plants. The special know-how surrounding the impregnation process, both on a methanolic and on an aqueous basis, makes Gessner a leading manufacturer of special papers. In 1998, the company and its two sites are taken over by the American Fiber Mark Group. In 2006 the ownership changes to Neenah, and since 2023 the new owner is Mativ.

The Feldkirchen-Westerham site produces filter media for the automotive industry and industrial filtration, as well as other materials. The machinery equipment includes two inclined wire paper machines, three impregnation lines (Ex lines), three meltblown lines, one laminating line, one nanofibre line and six winders.
Direct competitors and suppliers to the speciality sector are requested to check in advance with the conference office and Neenah Gessner whether attendance is appropriate. Neenah Gessner reserves the right to give limited tours to individual visitors.


8:45 Departure from the main entrance to The Westin Grand Munich Hotel popup: yes
9:45 Welcome and company presentation
11:00 Guided tour through the paper mill
12:30 Invitation to a snack and conversation
13:30 Return to the hotel
14:30 Arrival at the hotel

Travel time: approx. 45 – 60 Minutes
Travel distance: approx. 45 km

A bus to Munich Central Station and the airport (MUC) will depart at 3:00 pm from in front of the main entrance to The Westin Grand Munich Hotel popup: yes.