BVG Bauer-Verfahrenstechnik-GmbH

Gewerbering 12
86926, Greifenberg

BVG Bauer-Verfahrenstechnik-GmbH was founded in 1984 in Greifenberg am Ammersee by Dr. Jochen Bauer. The company’s aim is and has been to introduce new processes for the use of chemical additives in the paper industry. One focus is the so-called "in situ" process. It involves the manufacturing of products with processes that are applied on site in the paper mill. As a consequence, a part of the value chain can be shifted to the paper mill, as the commodities and products used for such BVG processes can be obtained less expensive as special products.
In addition to those cost savings, BVG technologies can also create special properties of chemical additives produced "in situ", which make it possible to influence certain quality parameters of the papers produced. This can even lead to unique selling propositions, as such chemical additives are usually not available as a commercial product.
Typical "in-situ" processes in paper production are, for example, dry and wet cationization of native (pearl) starch, enzymatic starch degradation for the production of surface and coating starch, dispersion and, if necessary, wet grinding of minerals and pigments, preparation of polymers, production of glues (e.g. polyvinyl alcohol-based), emulsification of ASA for glue production or saponification of fatty acid for soap production during deinking.
In addition to classic process engineering systems for the storage and dosage of all chemical additives required for the papermaking process in both solid and liquid form,
BVG has developed a large amount of innovative processes:
Most well-known to BVG are continuous processes. Where discontinuous processes were previously used, construction costs, raw material costs, material costs and energy costs can be saved by up to 90% by shifting to a continuous process.
The products processed in this way are characterized by maximum uniformity, more effective product performance and, above all, maximum product yield. This includes, for example, the first fully automatic coating kitchen developed and delivered by BVG.

BVG is managed by Tilman Bauer in its second generation and employs approx. 80 people at its headquarters in Greifenberg. Two subsidiaries in the USA and China ensure proximity to our customers in the American and Asian markets. The process engineering machines and plants, are mainly manufactured for the paper and corrugated board industry, but are also appreciated in mining, beverage, glass silk, food, starch, textile, and nonwovens industry.

In the paper industry, BVG is perceived as the world market leader, with currently more than 500 starch cookers delivered and more than 260 enzymatic starch degradation plants built.
The products manufactured are characterized by a high-quality standard (made in Germany), great innovative strength and state-of-the-art automation technology. In addition, BVG takes on contracts in the engineering sector, in the programming of DCS systems, and in the service as well as maintenance of processing and dosing plants.
Under the trade name "Superzyme", BVG also formulates and markets enzyme preparations that are tailor-made for starch degradation applications in the paper industry.
Since 2023, the headquarters have been relocated within Greifenberg and a new state-of-the-art building once again brings together all of BVG Germany's administrative and production sites on a total site area of 20,000 m².


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